Type: Children's Book

Deliverables: Illustration, Writing, Design, Print Production

"Professor Dooley and the Ultrabeam machine"

Professor Dooley and the Ultrabeam Machine is a story about the greatest Scientist in the world and his latest invention which goes horribly wrong. 

I wrote and illustrated the Children's book for 5 of my cousins who were all under the age of 5 at the time*. To get the book printed professionally I had to put in an order of over 100 copies, which was quite daunting as I didn't know that many parents with kids. 

The 100 copies sold out in 8 days. They went to kids in Ireland,  Australia, Dubai, South Africa, and Vietnam with school teachers even reading the book to their class. 

I have received numerous messages from children and parents about the book and given the reaction I got it remains to be one of the best projects I've ever done.

A lady called Alice Richardson who I have never met helped me edit the spelling
and grammar of the story. I hope to bump into her one day and thank her in person.*