Type: Painting

Deliverables: Oil Paint, Spray Paint, Pencil, Charcoal

'Pipe Dreams'

During lockdown I started painting my own images. I gave myself a goal of creating a body of work for an (imaginary) exhibition. The paintings were a counteraction from what I felt was happening in galleries in East and West London. All the shows felt the same, blurring together with abstract work which could have been done by the same person. 

The pieces unconventionally analysed the human figure, how posture can create an emotional state. Assorted methods of mark making, symbolism, iconography, composition, geometry, along with a skewed amalgamation of styles was intended to give the work
a fresh diverse quality.



Throughout lockdown I started to publish my work in progress through my social media channels.
They gained a lot of interest along with words of encouragement. The London Art academy were impressed
with the body of work and offered to help facilitate a (non-imaginary) exhibition.